Mar 6, 2013

Moving + informations ...

From now, I'm at Platinum Simmers where I'll continue with uploading of my further creations.
All of uploaded creations are moved at Platinum Simmers.

Do not worry, my files will be always FREE and available for downloading without registration required.

Submit process at Platinum Simmers is very easy & simple.

Just upload without re-linking everything as here on my blog + don't worry about broken links with time if I'll absent for some time (for example). :)

I fixed all of tabs with new links to my files at Platinum Simmers.
I will keep contact informations and I'll publish some of my tutorials with time (via re-link).

See ya!


Simlicious said...

Did you delete your tumblr-account or did you just change your url? I liked to be able to see what you were working on there :)
I'm glad you found a new home at Platinum Simmers, though :)

Tomislaw said...

Hello, Simlicious :)
I changed tumblr adress: I'm now here: